FSC is an organization that works to take care of earth's forest and the beings who rely upon on them.

An FSC Certifiation does indeed carry weight. When a product has an FSC label it assures the consumer that they are buying a product made from wood responsible/sustainable sources.

FSC Labels: Know the Difference

FSC 100%: Wood within the product comes completely from FSC forests. According to the FCS Global Market Survey Report 2014 one third of all FSC products are FSC 100%.

FSC Recycled: All wood and paper in the product comes directly from reclaimed material.

FSC Mix: These products contain wood from recycled material, controlled wood, or FSC-certified material. Controlled wood cannot be illegally harvested or in violation of traditional and civil rights.

FSC-Certified Product Does not Mean A Company is FSC Certified

Firstly, a company wants to add the FSC label too any products must first earn a Chain of Custody Certification.

This certification declared that the company sources its materials from FSC-certified forests and is following FSC standards.

Products from the same company are not always made from the same materials. As such, not all products can be said to be FSC-certified as being certified requires the product to be made out of FSC standard material.

FSC History/Timeline

In 1994, FSC was created and has accomplished alot since then.

FSC, or the Stewardship Council, had its first meeting amongs a group of traders, representatives of the environment, human rights organizations, and timber users. During this meeting it was identified that there was a need to develop a system where well-managed forests could be identified as a source of responsible produced forest products.

The first FSC board of directors was elected. The founding assembly is held in Toronto, Canada, with 26 countries present.

One of the first certified FSC products in the UK, the wooden spatula, was released. The FSC is established as a legal entity in Oaxaca Mexico.

Sweden is the first to endorse FSC as a Nation Standard.

Over 10 million hectares certified to FSC standards.

Companies are now allowed to label their products as FSC certified following the "Chain of Custody" policy.

40 million hectares of FSC-certified forests worldwide. More than 20,000 products become FSC-certified active market products. FSC moves from Mexico to Germany.

FSC Global Development was created in order to strengthen FSC markets. More than 100 Million hectares certified.

The Winter Olympic athlete housing village was built using FSC-certified wood. ForCES, or Forest Certification for Ecosystem Services Certification announced.

Permanent Indigenous Peoples committee created to provide a voice to all indingenous people under the FSC's ideals.


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