Putting aside the buying and installing aspect of flooring, it is important to know how to clean and maintain flooring. In this guide we will discuss the proper procedures for the best care of your Provenza flooring.

Luckily, Provenza floors are known for easy to maintain and durable. This is because all the companies flooring contains a factory finish which protects and preserves the beauty and integrity of the product.

All that is needed is general and specific care and maintenance from time to time. These techniques can be found below.

Good Floor Care Habits

High traffic areas: In high traffic areas, it is wise to place good quality floor/area mats or rugs with soft felt backing. Loose dirt, debris, and other abrasive substances can be prevented from being scatter all over the floor surface.

Using rubber backed mats on flooring will damage the finish and your floor which will void the manufacturer warranty!

Kitchen Area: Hardwood Flooring areas that are prone to spills, water splashes, and splatter should be protected. This can be down by utalizing soft belt backing high quality throw rugs. The best places to protect are the following; front of the cooktop, oven, dishwasher, and sink.
Hot oil, water spills, food debris, and splashes which land on hardwood flooring must cleaned up. Provenza Manufacture warranty does not cover damages done to factory finish from failure to protect it!

Do Not:

  • Do not ever walk on the hardwood flooring with any kind of "sharp" high heel shoes.
  • Do not use cleaning products such as abrasive cleaners, bleach, alcohol, ammonia, acetone, etc on Provenza wood floors.
  • Do not clean with moisture such as mopping. The moisture from the mop can damage the floor.
  • Do not use polish, household dusting products, mineral oil, oil soap, and oil-based wax.

Other notes:

  • Be sure to Apply felt furniture pads to movable furniture that can damage the floor. Movable furniture can include tables, sofas, heavy furniture, etc.
  • Keeping pet nails trimmed and filed will minimize scratches to the floor. Also keep in mind that all hardwood floors will indent with enough force.
  • UV sunlight exposure often changes the color of the floor overtime. Because of this, it is very important to rearrange furniture and rugs from time to time to allow the floor to age evenly.
  • Try to maintain room temperature of 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels of around 35-55% for the life of the floor.
  • Only use hardwood cleaning products specifically made for the Provenza Flooring product. These can be purchased from Hardwood stores such as Hardwood Flooring Depot.

Regular Care

To regularly take care of the floor follow these few simple practices.

  1. Dry dust mop and/or vacuum regularly to prevent loose dirt and debris from residing on the surface of the hardwood.
  2. Do not use steam or power scrubbing machines on floors.
  3. Use the the services of a NWFA Certified professional after the hardwood floor is finished being refinished or re-oiled.