What is it?

Acclimatization, according to the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA), is the process of conditioning the moisture content of wood flooring to the environment in which it is installed in.

The Job Site

The job-site's humidity, should be monitored carefully before installation.  As such, the wood flooring installation should be the last task of job.

Due to the hygroscopic chemical characteristic of wood, wood will uptake water and its dimensions will warp. More specifically, when wood looses moisture it shrinks and when moisture is more retained it will expand.

Do keep in mind that since paint has moisture, the flooring will absorb moisture as the the contractors are still painting it.

76 mm wide solid strip of wood flooring should not have a 4%+ difference between it and the subfloor. If you have more than 76 mm wide flooring than you the the moisture content should not exceed  2%.

The specific conditions that indicate that your job site is ready for wood flooring installation are as follow; the building is enclosed (doors/windows are present and functional), drainage system is functional, all water chemical construction elements are completed and have dried, AC/heating is functional, optimal humidity and temperature have been achieved.

Be sure to measure the moisture of the boards you are installing. Many installers commonly check the moisture content of around 40 boards per 1000 square feet.


Testing Wood Floor Moisture Content

For testing wood flooring moisture content it is recommended you use Wagner Meters.

These meters are fast, accurate, and do have a 7 year warranty.