Mapei 975 Ultrabond Eco Mapei 975

Mapei 975 Ultrabond Eco Mapei 975, adhesive, glue

Mapei 975

This product is mostly used for raised foundation or upstairs areas where it would not be considered ON GRADE. Using a 3/16 inch trowel you are able to cover 200 sq. ft. with a 5 gallon pail of this product. Reasonably priced and a great adhesive.


Note: This produt is best used on raised foundations and on top of plywoods or second story. If your slab floors are in dry and good condition, you can use this product to directly install your wood flooring on slab. This product is perfect with Bostik MVP as a two part sealer and glue. Use a 3/16" trowel for installing with this product. Do not leave buckets unopened for long period of time. If you are done with a portion of your job, and wish to use the balance of glue at a later date, be sure to cover it with aluminum foil or a plastic wrap. Doing so, will give it a longer shelf time. Store at a cool and dry area till ready to reuse

Pricing Call 949-453-3300 For Price
Color: Mapei
Trowel Size 3/16" V NOTCH TROWEL
Spread Rate 200 SQ. FT. PER 5 GALLON BUCKET
Bucket Size 5 GALLONS